After a questionnaire is created, the URL on its publish page should be used to invite respondents to it in one of these ways:

- As a link, such as Tell us what you think, with the questionnaire's URL as the link, eg!Service
The exact URL is given on the Setup / Publish page.

- As a link in an e-mail, using the Invite capabilities.

- By displaying the questionnaire in an iFrame, using the questionnaire's URL from the Setup / Publish page as the frame's URL.

- By displaying the questionnaire as a pop-up window or using dynamic HTML, and fetching the questionnaire using the URL on the Setup / Publish page.

- By embedding the questionnaire in a JSP page, using the techniques described in Embedding questionnaires in JSP pages.

- By embedding the questionnaire as a portlet in a portal, using the techniques described in the appropriate portal guide at under JSR 168 portals.

The rest of this section describes the Publishing System API, which describes how to use ViewsFlash as a Web Service for publishing and rotating single page polls automatically. This functionality has been superseded by JSP pages and portals but is included here for older systems.

Production Cycle explains the steps required from the production team for creating a new place and for embedding polls in web pages. Web Services API details how to tailor such a system to dynamically compose web pages incorporating ViewsFlash poll and result displays.

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