Survey Portlet Walk-through

Once surveys and polls are created, the Cogix Survey Portlet includes them in the appropriate portal pages. Here's an example of a simple poll in the Welcome page, before and after the visitor votes in the poll. After voting, the voting form is not shown again until a new poll is scheduled. Different polls rotate through the portal continuously, on a schedule determined by the survey creator.

The text at the top of each illustration explains it.

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 The Cogix survey portlet is configured for a simple poll at
 the top of the center column. The visitor votes on the poll.

 After voting, the visitor sees poll results. When the visitor returns later,
 results can be shown or hidden. A "view results" link can be included.

 A multiple page survey questionnaire can be embedded in the page or can be  delivered in full-page mode, as shown here in the upper right hand corner.
 The visitor begins with an invitation link, or optionally view the results first.

 The visitor clicks on "take survey" and the survey questionnaire's
 first page is shown in full page mode. The visitor fills it out.

 The visitor fills out a page with a "check all that apply" question.

 The visitor fills out a page with a rating matrix.

 On the last page, the visitor presses Submit.

 After completing the survey, all or some of the results can
 be shared. A simple thank you message can be used instead.

 When the visitor returns to the portal, the invitation
 is no longer shown. Results can be shown instead, or a
 simple "survey already taken" message can be shown.