Upgrading Style Templates from earlier versions


Form styles created by coping ViewsFlash 6 or 7 styles will continue to work in ViewsFlash 8.

ViewsFlash 8 styles have been upgraded to show questionnaires in tablets like the iPad automatically. Older styles continue to work.

Some new functionality available in ViewsFlash 7 is not available with older form styles. Specifically, generic field, the new method for User Authentication; and all the inline messaging functionality for displaying validation messages in the page, rather than as alerts. To take advantage of this functionality, create a new style by making a copy of the Standard ViewsFlash 7 style, and apply to it the same changes that you applied to the ViewsFlash 6 style. Another way to do this is to compare your style with the original ViewsFlash 6 style, and apply the same changes to a copy of the ViewsFlash 7 style. When the process is finished and everythng has been tested, overwrite your existing style with the new one.

When you upgrade ViewsFlash to a new version, styles that ship with ViewsFlash are updated automatically. Therefore, it is very important not to change the styles that ship with ViewsFlash, and to create new styles, by making copies of them, if modifications are needed. In the Standard_ style in ViewsFlash 5, most of the Javascript functionality is in a separate file, making it easier to construct alternate styles.

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