A Place contains a series of surveys, polls, or quizzes. For example, Human Resources can conduct its employee surveys in one place, while Marketing conducts customer surveys in another. All the questionnaires in a place share certain common settings, including Styles that give them a uniform look and feel, whether they run simultaneously or one at a time. Typically one person is responsible for all activity in one place.

When using User Security, a Place is visible only to those users who have Access Rights to the place; it is invisible to other users. The Administrator is responsible for creating Places and initially assigning Access Rights to them. The Administrator may delegate some of those rights to users in a place.

The Places page lists all places by name. The Current and Archive columns indicate the number of questionnaires in that status. The Latest column gives the title of the most recent questionnaire. The N column indicates how many questionnaires have been gathered in the Latest questionnaire. The Modified column indicates when each Place was last changed. Clicking on the column headers at the top of each column sorts the table by that column.  Clicking on a Place allows managing its questionnaires.

ViewsFlash uses a Default place, whose settings are used as a default for other places that are created later. After becoming familiar with Settings, configure the Default place and the Default questionnaire so that their settings will be used by default.

To create a new place, chose New place, enter a name for it, and press Go. Places are named uniquely, using letters, numbers and underscores.

To copy the settings from an existing place, choose Copy Selected, check the box next to the place to copy, and press Go.

To remove one or more places, choose Remove Selected, check the box next to each place to remove, and press Go.

Administrators can see who has what access rights and can assign access rights for one or more Places.

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