Archive style tags

As you read this section, you may want to examine the ListArchive in a separate window and View its Source.

Tag Replaced with
[/statusmsg] Used by ViewsFlash for designer error messages.
[/pendingerror] Used by ViewsFlash for Visitor Error messages such as "you have voted twice".
The following tags take their values from the Design Response Page screen:
[/spotname] The place name
[/pollresults] The currently viewed poll will be shown here, using the place's Response Style. If the query string includes &showallresults=1 and this tag lies within [/allshownarchivedpolls] and [/endallshownarchivedpolls], the results of every poll in the archive will be displayed.
[/allshownarchivedpolls,order] [/endallshownarchivedpolls] Everything between will be repeated for all Archived polls that are marked for Show. The 'order' parameter, if included can be lowtohigh or hightolow; if omitted, polls are shown oldest first.
Between the allshownarchivedpolls and endallshownarchivedpolls tags, the following tags take their values from each poll shown:
[/shownarchivedpolltitle] Title of the poll; if none, the poll name will be used
[/upollname] The poll place, encoded for use in a link.
[/dateopen,dateformatstring] The date the poll opened. The second argument is optional and can be any standard Java date formatting string, such as dd-MM-yy which is the default.
[/questiontext,questionname] The text of the question named 'questionname' or the text of the first question if questionname is omitted.

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