My ViewsFlash settings

The MyViewsFlash page allows you to set certain personal preferences. These preferences are stored in your browser using a cookie. If you use a different browser, you will need to reset your preferences.

The My Locale option allows you to choose the format of the dates and times used for publishing questionnaires. For example, using the English locale, dates are viewed in this format: 6/29/06 1:50 PM. If using the Chinese locale, dates are shown in this format: 06-6-29 下午1:48. If you don't see a Locale that is applicable to you, use Custom to create your own Locale by specifying a language code and a country code. For example, in Turkey the language code would be tr and the country code would be TR. You don't have to specify a country code. The application server must be configured to support your locale.

Note that the My Locale setting does NOT affect in any way the format of dates or numbers used and stored in questionnaires.

The My Time Zone option allows you to adjust the dates and times used for publishing questionnaires to your local time zone. If the application server is hosted in New York, for example, and you work in London, the application server uses US/EST time and you use UK time. Select the UK time zone and all date and time displays will be adjusted to your local time zone. This setting does not affect the actual time of publication in any way; it simply displays the actual time translated into your time zone. For example, if a questionnaire is due to open at 8 AM New York time, you will see that time in London as 1 PM, and in the US PST time zone as 5 AM.

The My ViewsFlash level option allows you to see more or fewer options, depending on your level of expertise in using ViewsFlash. If you choose a usage level and don't see the functionality that you are looking for, change to a more advanced level. The default setting is Advanced.

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