Form style tags for  multiple page questionnaires

As you read this section, you may want to open the Standard template and View its Source.

Templates for multi-page surveys are the same as Poll Style templates, except as noted here. To create your own, it's easiest to start with this one and modify it as needed. First, some general considerations:

The following hidden fields must be present, just like in the Standard template: cmd, pollid, results, pagenumber.

Each question type must include the [/origanswer] tag, which allows showing the visitor the answers they have entered so far when a page is shown again.

The next, previous, save, and submit buttons can be styled as you like. The Poll page check boxes control whether they should be used at all. When selected, they are expressed by the [/ifpage]... [/endifpage] tags. Each button can be a form button or an image button. Use HTML like the following:

<input type="submit" name="submitprev" value="Previous">

<input type="image" name="submitprev" src="Prev.gif">

The four buttons must be named: submitprev, submitnext, submitsave, submitsubmit.

Furthermore, you can construct the template so that the buttons only appear on the first or last pages, as appropriate. Surround the button between [/ifpage] and [/endifpage] tags.

Finally, the [/qskipper] [/endqskipper] and [/qskipto] should not be used, as questions are skipped to by simply never displaying the skipped questions.

Tag Replaced with
[/pagebreak,XX] [/endpagebreak] If XX is the letter 'p', what's between the tags will be expressed only during page preview. This is how the Page Break lines appear. If XX contains the letter 'r', the content will only appear during an actual survey. If XX contains "pr", the content will appear during both preview and in the real survey.

The content between the tags will be expressed when button AAA is enabled, and the page is the first page, the last page, or a middle page.

AAA must be one of: previous, next, save, submit.
WWW must be one of: first, last,middle.
not, if present, means express the content between the tags when the condition is false.

For example, [/ifpage,previous,first,not]...[/ifpage] shows a Previous button only on all pages but the first.

Summary of button values:

Action in [/ifpage tag button name sample image
previous submitprev prev.gif
next submitnext next.gif
save submitsave save.gif
submit submitsubmit submit.gif


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