E-mailing responses

1 When "Send Data as E-mail" is checked, ViewsFlash will e-mail the data from each response as soon as the response is recorded.

The e-mail's body can contain a personalized message, which should use question piping tags, like this:

A sweepstakes response has been entered by [/name], of [/city], [/state].
which will fill out to
A sweepstakes response has been entered by John Young, of Kalamazoo, Michigan.

To use a file in the server's file system for the body, enter its complete path in the "use this file for the email body" field.

The e-mail will be sent to the indicated recipient. This allows the gathered data to be exported to customer-service e-mail applications, for example.

2 When the e-mail body is left empty, a body will be generated which includes the questions and their answer values, like this:
name=Tom Jones

Click on Show Questions to see the list of questions and to select which should be included in the e-mail..

The Date Stamp and Time Stamp checkboxes, when checked, will include fields with the date and time of day, respectively, in the ViewsFlash server time zone.

Browser Information, when checked, will include the data item specified in the Save page under Browser information.

3 Specify the e-mail addresses of the persons to receive the e-mail, separated by commas. They must be valid addresses. A from-address and Subject are required so that the recipient can identify the e-mail's sender and content.

E-mails are only sent the first time a questionnaire is entered. If revising data has been enabled for a questionnaire, e-mails are not sent when the data is revised, unless the "Send e-mail when questionnaire is updated" box is checked.

A test email can be sent by checking that box. Note that question piping will not be available in the test-email.


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