Live tallying responses

1 This page has check boxes for every question asked. When checked, that particular field will be tabulated and will be available for display in reports as needed.

Text questions and hidden questions CAN be tallied by checking their box on this page. This is fine for user-entered data such as age, year of birth, or country of origin. Note that the "values between and" option on the Question page can be used to validate the entered data.

A hidden question is used often to store a calculated score. The score can be tallied by checking its box on this page.

For multiple line freeform fields, such as a suggestion box, it is best to leave tallying off.

Because tallying open-ended questions can be very expensive when used by mistake (such as when tallying a userid!), a limit to the maximum values to be tallied is imposed, which is set on this page. The default value is 250; override it if necessary.

2 There are also check boxes to turn on checking for inappropriate language. In freeform fields, this may be desirable. The dictionary used can be changed by the Administrator by changing the appropriate file on the ViewsFlash server.

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