Custom Actions: IssueHttpQuery

This custom action allows sending a customized URL to another application or to ViewsFlash. The customized URL can contain data entered by the respondent by using question piping.

IssueHttpQuery url

Sends an HTTP command to "url". "url" may use question piping such as [/fieldname] to take a value entered by the visitor and substitute it in the URL. The URL must be accessible to the ViewsFlash server.


A course evaluation survey has, among others, two questions: facultyid and facultyrating. They are used in this survey, but it would be desirable to also enter these values into another survey automatically.

When this custom action is encountered, often in the last page of a survey, the following entry in the Custom Action field will send the data from facultyid and facultyrating into a different survey whose pollid is pollingplace!poll, using question piping.

IssueHttpQuery <space> pollid=pollingplace!poll&cmd=tally&faculty=[/facultyid]&rating=[/facultyrating]

Note that there's only one space, after "IssueHttpQuery".

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