In addition to Revealing questions on the same page, there are two ways to change the flow of questions shown to a participant from page to page.

First, the Define Question page provides the ability to say, for example, "If a visitor answers Yes, go to question "Art":

If visitor chooses
 skip to question 

This suffices for simple yes/no questions. For more complex branching, use the Script Action.  To see them in action, create a Place and Copy the Branching questionnaire from Examples:

The Branching example illustrates setting up a questionnaire with a radio button question, a series of pages, a checkbox question, another series of pages, and the appropriate Action scripts on each page that skip over the page if it is not appropriate depending on how the questions have been answered. See the Examples place.

Each page includes a question of type Action at the beginning, specifying a Script when=before action. This action executes the script before the page is displayed. The script itself is, for example:

if ( sex != 1 ) nextpage();

This means that if question"sex" was not answered with the choice whose value is 1, the respondent will not see this page. On the next page, if there is a similar action, the process is repeated until a condition is met, and then the page will be shown to the respondent.
Please study the example and its comments.

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