Archived Questionnaires

This place view displays questionnaires that have been closed. After each questionnaire's name, the Responses column shows the number received. The Scheduled column indicates the period when the questionnaire was online.

Clicking on a questionnaire's name will take you to its Design page, so you can change its questions and settings. Clicking on the number of Responses goes to the summary page. Clicking on the scheduled dates goes directly to the Publishing page, where a questionnaire can be reopened by changing its publication dates. It is legitimate to reopen a questionnaire and gather additional responses. It is even possible to change the questionnaire and gather additional data.

To remove a questionnaire permanently, click on the Remove check box next to it and press Submit. WARNING: After removing a questionaire, there is no way to restore it.

Archive Display pages

It is possible to construct automatically an Archive Display page that displays links to previous questionnaires and lets the visitor browse through historical results. The remaining options on this page deal with these settings.

Next to each questionnaire, a marked check box indicates that it should be included in the Archive Display. Only questionnaires that are checked are included in the Archive Display. When a questionnaire is archived, it is automatically included in the display.

The Archive Display is prepared using the Archive Style chosen in the pull-down menu. The display lists the archived questionnaires to be shown, in either list of links form or in menu form. When a visitor selects a questionnaire, the Archive Display is refreshed, with the results of the selected questionnaire displayed above the listing using the Response Style chosen from the pull-down menu of Response Styles.

After selecting the suitable templates and removing the checkbox in the Show column from any questionnaires that should not be shown for editorial reasons, press Submit.

Clicking on the Archive Report URL will pop up a window with the live Archive Results display. This URL can be copied and used in the site to link to this archive page.

Note that Archive Style Templates should always be a whole page.

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